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About Us

Since 2008, Nanion has been constantly innovating to bring the best quality products to consumers. We are passionate with our work and want the best for people we care about, including our customers.

From our observation, we saw the concern with hygiene and health, and so we began our journey into establishing research and development to come out with the best solution that is beneficial to everyone. And we will continue to be this way bringing the best solution to our customers.

We too, have families that care about and we taken concern of their health. We know we cannot protect them 100% of the time but we can do as much as we possibly can. Which is why we constantly strive to find the most modern solutions to battle the negative impact of harmful bacteria and viruses.


With our partners, we were able to develop a solution that acts as a shield for our loved ones, reducing the vulnerability to many harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi. We sincerely hope that our effort will be able to help your family too.

**Our Clients

Nanion Sanitize Pro 4L

A proven 7 days long lasting formula for sterilizing and deodorizing. Packed into 4L size for family usage. Can be refill into our other Nanion series products.

Nanion has invested fortune in R&D in order to get the best formula that has no harm and non toxic to everyone. Our Nanion products can be use on all surfaces and wide range of setting.

100% Malaysia made product and all the researches were done in UM lab. Reasonable price to keep your family in a hygienic environment. 

Every household should have a water-based sanitizer for multipurpose usage!!!

Clean your Laundry! Mop your Floor! Wipe your Leather Sofa!! Spray your Pet!!! Everything with Nanion!!

Keep them away from virus, bacteria, odor and fungus!!!

A Non-Toxic Product for Pets

Nanion Sanitize Pro's Pet Care series is a worry free disinfectant spray which recommended for use on animal habitat, kennels, cages, litter boxes and more!!!

Our Disinfectant Spray uses the newest technology in a patented formulation of Nano technology and Nanion Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) that effectively kill infectious viruses that caused respiratory and intestinal disease.
  • Deodorizes and disinfects
  • Effectively kills bacteria,virus and fungus
  • Eliminate odour
  • Provide a germ-free environment
  • Specially formulated that safe for pets.

Instant effect of Nanion Products

Actually, how CLEAN is our surface?

Bacteria can only be measured by taking swab samples. NANION 3D Coating Services always provides a BEFORE and AFTER treatment bacteria reading because we really want to ensure the best care is given to you, making sure your home and office are protected effectively. Over time, our customers can also personally feel changes themselves such as better nights sleep, reduced sinusitis, improved breathing, reduced itchiness and more.

What Is Nanion?

A natural multipurpose solution that disinfects and cleans

Nanion is based on technology developed in Japan and mainly uses a naturally-occuring mineral that can be extracted from sand and rocks. The active ingredient is certified safe for use in consumer products like sunscreens, cosmetics, toothpaste, paints, and food production.

Due to its photocatalytic nature, Nanion has sterilising and deodorising properties when exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) radiation. As such, Nanion has many practical applications including in the removal of organic and airborne contaminants. It has the ability to remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

When irradiated by sunlight, Nanion also exhibits a superhydrophilic (attraction to water) property which also makes it useful as coating for building surfaces, self-cleaning glass, and anti-fogging glass coating as it can help sweep away contaminants.

Nanion therefore is a replication of nature’s way of sterilising and cleaning surfaces and air, whether in small-scale domestic use for homes or large-scale commercial applications for buildings.

Benefits of Nanion

Odour and VOC Reduction

REDUCES level of VOC to almost ZERO in
indoor environments


Invisible Fungal Shield

PREVENTS fungal growth and water
stains on walls


Air Purifier

Efficiently ABSORBS unpleasant odours such as sweat, pet smells, food smells, etc.


Bacteria and Virus Buster

ELIMINATES up to 99% of harmful bacteria
and viruses


Constantly Works

Activated by UV light to EFFECTIVELY clean
the environment


Green Building Index Status

Some authorities award points for use of compounds that improve building air quality